¿Quieres conocer tu nivel de inglés? Este es nuestro test de nivel gratis y sin compromiso.

1. Peter …. very tall.
a. isb. arec. has

2. She …. like football very much.
a. don’tb. doesn’tc. hasn’t

3. How …. does one lesson cost?
a. manyb. muchc. is

4. There …. a big supermarket next to my house.
a. isb. arec. have

5. I …. agree with you.
a. doesn'tb. haven’tc. don’t

6. Nick can’t …. tennis. He broke his arm.
a. to playb. playingc. play

7. …. some more tea?
a. Would you likeb. Do you likec. You’d like

8. Last week we …. to Warsaw.
a. gob. wentc. goes

9. I …. the film we saw at the cinema on Wednesday.
a. doesn't likeb. haven’t likedc. didn’t like

10. My mother …. never been to a cricket match.
a. hadn'tb. haven’tc. has

11. …. ever seen a comet?
a. Did youb. Have youc. Do you

12. If I …. rich, I would buy a huge farm in Somerset.
a. wereb. wasc. am

13. The ligh bulb was …. by Thomas Edison.
a. inventedb. inventc. inventing

14. I wish I …. play a musical instrument.
a. canb. couldc. should

15. When Anthony arrived at the disco, Alice….
a. already leftb. has already leftc. had already left

16. If I …. on holiday to Italy, I wouldn’t have met Lucinda.
a. didn't gob. haven’t gonec. hadn’t gone

17. By the time you get this letter I ….
a. will have leftb. am going to leavec. would leave

18. A: What are you doing tonight? B: I’m not sure, but I …. to the cinema.
a. will gob. would goc. might go

19. Andrew forgot …. the lights before he left.
a. turn offb. turning offc. to turn off

20. It’s no use …. to him. He doesn’t listen.
a. to speakb. spokec. speaking

21. Brenda was offered the job …. having poor qualifications.
a. despiteb. althoughc. even though

22. I’d rather you …. because I have a lot of work to do.
a. leaveb. leftc. had left

23. Sam’s father ordered him …. out late again.
a. not to stayb. not stayc. not to staying

24. The article contained …. interesting information.
a. sob. manyc. a lot of

25. Not only …. to London but she also visited many other places in England.
a. she wentb. went shec. did she go

26. He’ll be coming to the meeting, ….?
a. won't heb. noc. isn’t he

27. She wasn’t …. to reach the ceiling.
a. tall enoughb. so tallc. as tall as

28. My flat …. as soon as possible. It’s in an awful state.
a. needs to be cleanedb. needs to cleanc. need cleaning

29. We all …. in to help finish the project.
a. pitchedb. gotc. sent

30. I don’t like …. my CDs to people because they scratch them.
a. to borrowb. to lendc. to leave

31. Her …. score on the 3 math tests was an 85.
a. mediumb. averagec. middle

32. Please show your ID card …. you visit the club.
a. all the timesb. alwaysc. every time

33. In the celebrity world, friends clearly have to be chosen with …. care.
a. considerableb. considerationc. considering

34. Their plan consists …. three main parts.
a. inb. onc. of

35. I’d …. get going so I can catch the earlier train.
a. betterb. needc. ought


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